Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Global Warming Alert

What’s wrong with this picture? It’s snowing. In October. In New Jersey. I’ve lived in New Jersey for a quarter of a century and I have never seen it snow this early. Normally we have our first snowstorm in January.

Wacky weather patterns like this were predicted when the scientific community began looking at the global warming phenomenon years ago. It is very frightening to see this and other predictions about climate change becoming reality. Even more frightening is the fact that it is happening much faster than the experts projected.


Srividya said...

Agree with you. I couldn't stop talking about how I have never seen snow until at least mid december. And last year october was the hottest on record and I even went to the beach !

OldRoses said...

srividya, I never know how to dress and my plants are confused!

Annie in Austin said...

This has been a year of drought and heat for us in Texas, but autumn/early winter seemed pretty erratic when we lived in Illinois. We were used to odd weather. The weather might be so warm one October that I hated turning on the oven to bake Halloween pumpkin pies. Then the next year there might be snow before the leaves fell.

But it sound as if this isn't expected in New Jersey, Old Roses!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

OldRoses said...

Annie, NJ usually stays very warm in October. The cold weather doesn't really hit until November and there is rarely any snow until December at the earliest but more usually January.