Sunday, December 7, 2008

More On Light

Yesterday’s post featured a photo that I took at the EARTH Center when I attended the annual Master Gardener picnic. I took a number of photos that day and despite the fact that it was late afternoon, they came out rather well. I don’t normally like afternoon light but I think because it was autumn and the sun was weaker and lower in the sky, the light was less harsh than usual.

A wildflower meadow was planted earlier this year for birds.

Paths were mowed through the meadow to encourage visitors to explore the meadow.

Even this late in the year, when most of the flowers have finished blooming, it was beautiful.

You can see all of the photos that I took at the EARTH Center on Flickr.


DebMc said...

Lovely. As a pro photographer I loved late afternoon autumn light. There is an extra dose of mellow in that light.

I love that white flower in the last a snowflake.

I enjoyed seeing the green. Winter has just started and I'm ready for spring. GRIN

joey said...

Lovely ... and you captured my favorite, Queen Anne's Lace ... perfect! Warm wishes for a beautiful holiday season, Caren. (Let's have lots of creative fun with our cameras in the New Year ;)

CrazyBunnyLady said...

Great pictures.

Tina said...

OK, it's Jan 14 . . . where are you?