Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Garden in Winter

The frigid weather ended with a light snowfall. I hurried outside to take some pictures knowing that snow does not last long in New Jersey. All of what you are about to see was gone before the sun went down.

The sun became the Photo of the Day:

The sky was much brighter than it appears here but I like the gray moodiness of this shot.

I started out with the obligatory photos of snow-capped echinacea.

This is what drew me out of the house initially.

These hydrangeas are right outside my bedroom window.

This leaf was in the running for Photo of the Day. I find it strangely attractive.

Very soon, I moved on to foliage. Common Sage, my favorite of the foliage photos:

I love the colors in this shot:

Moody lavender to go with the moody sun:

Can you guess what this is?

Click here to see what it looked like in June.

This post was inspired by the Green Thumb Sunday Day post at A Journey of Grace & Whimsy. Thanks, Brenda!


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

Winter does have its stark beauty, doesn't it?

joey said...

I'm with you loving your orphan leaf as your 'photo of the day' :)

OldRoses said...

IWG, it's such a different look.

Joey, I think that if I took some time and played with it a little, maybe did some cropping, it would be really spectacular.