Monday, February 2, 2009


Burpee used to have a separate catalog for their heirlooms in addition to their regular catalog. And I used to place huge orders with them from both books. But the heirloom catalog got folded into their regular catalog and their seed counts went down as their prices went up and my annual orders have shrunk accordingly.

This year was no exception. I ordered my favorite nasturtium, cornflowers, Johnny-Jump-Ups and my new favorite marigolds.

Fanciful Stardust Moonlight Rose Mix Last year I ordered a collection of shade loving foliage plants for a container in front of my house. I was so pleased with the result that I am trying it again, but with a different collection of plants. This year I am trying impatiens, doubles and semidoubles in rose, pink and white.

Columbine, Lime Sorbet Select Seed may have reduced the number of varieties of columbine they carry, but other seed catalogs have increased them. I was fortunate to find the white columbine I wanted for my new white shade garden in the Burpee catalog of all places.

And in the category of “I didn’t know that you could grow that from seed!”, I ordered Kniphofia, Red Hot Poker Mix.

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