Monday, October 26, 2009

Willowwood Arboretum

I love revisiting gardens. There is always something more to see. This is especially true when visiting the same gardens during different seasons. I had an opportunity last April to go to Willowood Arboretum, which I had first visited a few years ago during the month of September.

First, the Photo of the Day. There were two of them this time.

Look! It’s not centered. I’m making progress on that front.

I love this photo because it is up to the viewer to decide what is the subject. Is the picture about the flowers? Is it about the gate? Is it about the ivy-covered stones?

Visiting Willowwood during the month of April when the gardens were just starting to come alive, gave me a chance to examine the bones of the garden as well as the functional and decorative objects in the landscape.

I don’t recall seeing this water pump last time probably because it was overwhelmed by the shrub and other plants and flowers that captured my attention instead. The sunny daffodils made this little vignette really stand out.

This house grabbed my camera and wouldn’t let go.

I don’t recall this feature from my last visit. It looks like a perfect spot for containers. And check out the great stonework.

Also a contender for the Photo of the Day.

When I looked at the photos I took on my first trip to Willowwood, with the exception of the gate, there is not a single picture of any of these things. I didn’t “see” them through the mature vegetation and colorful flowers.

You can see all of the photos of my trip to Willowwood on Flickr.


Naturegirl said...

Fabulous images!! The house grabs my attn. too..the stonework looks like leather from a distance!
Great photography!

OldRoses said...

Thanks, NG! It was an overcast day, my favorite light for photographing.

Andrea said...

Hello, I just visited your old blog and saw your remark in September. I went through very much the same phase as you did. I have decided to do a bit of mixing like you are doing since I have more than one hobby. Photography is one big one. I love the photos of this house! I am sure to bookmark your new blog. Greetings from Germany, Andrea