Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years in the Gardens

I love this picture. The trees look so ghostly.

I spent New Years Day in my favorite place: Rutgers Gardens. I was surprised at the amount of snow left over from last week’s blizzard despite the warm temperatures we have experienced since then.

The snow has been melting in interesting shapes.

Evidence of the high winds was scattered all over the floor of Helyar Woods.

Photo of the Day

I love the colors in this shot.

You can see more photos of my New Years Walk in the Gardens on Flickr.


Naturegirl said...

Wishes to you for a Happy New Year!
Stay warm through the winter!

garden wheeling said...

I envy your propety. Look forward to more posts during 2011

OldRoses said...

And a Happy New Year right back atacha!

Native Wildflowers said...

Thanks for sharing. We are wanting to enter a few shows ourselves but haven't ever done it so we really dont know where to start.

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