Sunday, March 8, 2009

Lavender Love

One of the advantages of keeping records is being able to identify plants years after their introduction to my gardens. I know from my “Fall 2006 Bulb Order” spreadsheet, that these cuties are Crocus tommasinianus. And from the zero in the price column, I know that they were freebies. What I didn’t remember was that they were billed as “Species Mixed Crocus”.

When I see the word “mixed” in a description, I expect more than one color, don’t you?

Regardless, their cheerful lavender blooms are welcome after a long, dreary winter.


lynn'sgarden said...

OldRoses, really pretty crocuses..mine kind of disappeared over the years as the critters eat them. I think the spreadsheet is a great idea too! I usually just keep the catalogs marked with things ordered but not when or how they bloom. Your Flickr photos are really great!

Naturegirl said...

Spring has sprung in seeing these little beauties!
BTW..has G>Voices changed!!! Are you still involved?
Sending hugs and sunshine from Arizona..NG

joey said...

Cuties, they are! Freebies, even better :) Happy Spring!

New Hampshire Gardener said...

I think I get more joy from my first crocus each spring than any flower in my garden. Here it is mud season, my dirt road is soup, most of the garden in still under snow but the brave little crocus give hope.

OldRoses said...

NG - my "name" is still on GV, but I no longer work on it.

Brenda Jean said...

Isn't that purple brilliant? I love it!