Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Signs of Life

If you look closely, you can see that the gardens are beginning to stir.


Bronze Fennel





Sylvana said...

I'm jealous! I won't be seeing this for at least another month!

Brenda Jean said...

Don't you just love the green popping up all over? You seem a little ahead of me though. I love spring!

OldRoses said...

Syl, I'm jealous of your tulips! Mine never come back like yours.

Brenda Jean, the green just brightens my mood. I'm even ahead of myself. Thanks to global warming, the Arbor Day Foundation has reclassified NJ from zone 6 to zone 7.

Catherine said...

Oh yes, Spring is stirring in my Garden also! Exciting...isn't it?!
Nice captures...wow that Bronze Fennel is so fuzzy!:)
Enjoy your day!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Hi Old Roses,

Looks like you aren't that far ahead of us in CT. The waiting is agonizing isn't it.

New Hampshire Gardener said...

It has been raining for two days, I am hoping for some signs of life in the garden when the rain ends, waiting is agonizing.
Aren't the cyclamen leaves lovely?

GartenGrl at Cool Garden Things said...

Lovely photos! Bronze Fennel is one of my very most favorite plants. It is also a big fave with the butterflies. It is also deer resistant.