Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Autumn Glory

This is what I see when I step out my door.

I’ve been allowing a tiny Japanese maple volunteer to grow at the end of my driveway. All through the spring and summer, it looks messy and weedy. Then, in the fall, the reason that I tolerate it becomes apparent.

I’ve been taking lots of pictures of the fall color in my neighborhood. Soon the cold winds and rains of November will arrive sweeping all of the leaves away. The glory that is autumn will be replaced by the dull earth tones of winter.


Kerri said...

I've enjoyed seeing all your photos and catching up with what you've been up to. You sure are having fun with that new camera! It takes a lot of study and practice, but it sure is interesting, isn't it?
The learning process is gradual, but I'm loving my Canon Rebel.
You're taking some beautiful photos!

OldRoses said...

Thanks, Kerri! I feel as thought I have a new window on the world.

joey said...

Autumn joy is the perfect description for your lovely photos, especially the last, which really grabbed me :) I'm with Kerri noting how much you are enjoying your new window on the world.