Monday, November 10, 2008


Lamb's Ear

Most people grow Lamb’s Ear for the foliage. They don’t care for the flowers, oftentimes pruning the stalks off before they have a chance to mar the look of the low growing leaves. Personally, I love the flowers. And I especially like the contrast of the tall spikes of flowers to the shorter foliage.

I’m always surprised at the tiny size and intense purple of the flowers. If you look closely enough, you will see tiny leaves on the stalks as if the plant were saying “Look at me! I can grow tall as well as spread low.”

For me, this photo captures all of that. Better yet, it pleasantly blurs what is in reality a very busy background. Immediately behind the Lamb’s Ear are asters. Further back, you can see splotches of orange daylilies. And beyond them, my neighbor’s house. Thankfully, my nemesis, the chainlink fence, is nowhere visible except as a semi-opaque horizontal line.

We’ll award this “Photo of the Day”.

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