Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Blooms

Fading Mums

Heirloom Marigolds

Last of the Cosmos

Marigold Bud

I was surprised to find entry to my polling place at the local high school restricted to one door and guarded by a police officer. Why? This is America. We don't riot. We patiently stand in line, cast our votes and then go on about our day. And if we don't agree with the outcome, we argue about it in court. And if we don't agree with the court's decision, we look forward to the next election. Because there will be a next election. There are no coups. This is America. We have peacefully changed governments for more than two centuries.

I hope that you voted today. It doesn't matter how you voted. It just matters that you voted.


Patsi said...

Beautiful pics !
Glad to find another NJ blogger.

OldRoses said...

Thanks Patsi! I love your photos.

joey said...

We voted and will wait like patient gardeners, hoping each spring will yield better than the last. Love the photos!

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

I also voted. I also have to say I agree with everything you wrote. I live way out in the country in a small state, so, although there were long lines, no police officer, and we voted in a small Baptist church. Beautiful photos.~~Dee