Monday, September 8, 2008

Froggy Fun with Photoshop

I don’t bring my long lens with me when I go to Rutgers Gardens. I don’t have a camera case (yet) and even if I did, I’m already carrying a bag full of garden tools, sunscreen, seed collecting containers, tissues, water … you get the idea. It’s just easier to sling my camera around my neck.

There are frogs in the pond in the Display Gardens. Without a long lens, I haven’t been able to get a good shot of them. Last month, one of the frogs obligingly sat on the edge of the pond and allowed me to get very close to him.

I took several shots as I moved nearer and nearer. I wasn’t happy with any of them because the day was overcast and very dark and the flash kept popping up on my camera. I am still so new to digital SLR’s that I couldn’t remember how to disable that function in the heat of the moment.

After my success with the cleome, I decided to see if I could work a little Photoshop magic with the frog. First I cropped the picture to emphasize the frog. Then, after searching a few Help topics, I started playing with filters to lighten the colors.

I think that came out rather well, don’t you?


Mother Nature said...

When I try to join Garden Voices my email comes back undeliverable. Can you help me with that?

Linda said...

I love your photos. I'm computer illiterate. I apologize for using "anonymous." I've been trying to identify the yellow wildflower.

OldRoses said...

Mother Nature, that link has been broken forever. I'll add you to Garden Voices. I love your photos!

Linda, thanks. I really haven't had time to research it.

joey said...

Indeed it did! So glad you are having fun (time well spent and needed in our crazy lives). Happy shootin' ;)