Sunday, September 21, 2008

Hageman Farm

I was invited to participate in an apple pie contest today (more on that in my next post) at the Hageman Farm, a nineteenth century farmhouse preserved by The Meadows Foundation as part of their first annual Fall Festival. While waiting for the judging to begin, I wandered around the site taking photographs.

I could go on and on about the wonderful restoration work that has been done on the farmhouse and is going on in the cow barn, but instead I found myself drawn towards the structures and parts of structures that hadn’t been restored. The hand-hewn beams, stone foundations, old tools and ironwork called out to me as if begging to tell their stories of the people who had built this place and used these buildings and tools.

Those stories weren’t all recorded well today. I am still struggling with my new camera. Each shoot shows more of what it can do and what I need to learn to get more out of it. One story did come out well resulting in the Photo of the Day:

Here are a few more of my favorite shots from today.

This shot would have been in the running for Photo of the Day if it had been straight. At first I was disappointed by the intrusion of the tree branches but after further consideration decided that they added rather than detracted from the picture. I love the geometric patterns and the wonderful blue of the sky. It is a blue that you only see in the autumn.

I’m going to have to start carrying around a cheat sheet of settings for various lighting situations. I know that there is a way to have photographed this with more light in the room and the ugly scenery in the window blurred. I’ve lightened this up a little in Photoshop. It was a gorgeous setting.

Fellow Straw-hatter, “A”, pointed out this grasshopper to me. Too bad that the flower he was resting on wasn’t more attractive. The zinnias in the borders along the walk were incredible. I hope that the caretaker of the property will tell me what mix he uses.

You can see all of my photos of Hageman Farm on Flickr.


A Gardener At Larrapin said...

So glad to find your new blog! Your photography is exquisite - I can see why you are focusing on it. And lucky us to get to see it! Thank so much and keep up the beautiful work. All the best to you,
Leigh, over at A Larrapin Garden

upnitestx said...

So Glad you are back! I have missed your garden this summer and your photography which sure seems to have developed more direction. Very enjoyable and welcome back.
Christine in TX

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

I really loved all of your photos. The one indoors was wonderful, so dreamy. I'm glad I found your new blog.~~Dee

joey said...

Perhaps the flower is not too attractive but your grasshopper sure is! (Looks like you even captured 'catch light' in his eye ... good job!)

OldRoses said...

I'm glad that people are finding and appreciating my new blog. It's a work in progress. Garden writing felt stale. My new camera has given me a whole new way to look at my garden.

Anonymous said...

I like this new format. A very good looking blog!
In my iPhoto program, I have a feature to straighten photos. I wonder if other editing programs have that?

Kerri said...

I looked at your photo set on Flickr. You took some nice shots! That place is gorgeous!
If you're shooting toward a lighted window try overexposing just a little. Perhaps you've already discovered that by now.
I like slight angle of the building. It adds character :)
Great shot of the grasshopper!

OldRoses said...

Kerri, digital photography is so much fun because I can take so many pictures which translates into lots of practice. And practice makes perfect!